Coming to Kickstarter October 2020

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about veiled fate

Fate has deemed you worthy.
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Veiled Fate is a game of hidden influence for 2-8 players

Play as a divine being who has sired a demigod in the realms of men. The identity of your lineage is known only to you. Use positional play to complete quests—and influence fate to ensure the outcome is in your favor. Strike the perfect balance of misdirection and mischief to capture the throne.

"A tense game where you must solve a puzzle while remaining a puzzle yourself. Every game ends with a jaw dropping climax."

Robert H.


Strategic Deduction

Part social deduction, part strategy, Veiled Fate pits wit against wit. Every move is a new clue to discovering the true lineage of your opponents. Can you foil carefully laid plans, while cementing your own path to victory?

Capture the throne

Each game takes course over three ages of men. At the end of the third age, the demigod with the most renown ascends to the throne. Will it be yours?

Hide in plain sight

As a divine being, any player can command the movements of any demigod on the board. Use positional play to mask your intentions.

Tip the scales of fate

Use your cards of fate to influence the outcome of a quest in the way that’s most advantageous for your lineage.

"Finally, a social deduction game with some deep strategy and extensive replay-ability"

Bobby E.


"An eccentric game of anonymity that will leave everyone on the edge of their seat till the very end!"



“Veiled Fate brings an absolutely invigorating look into deception, game theory, and well... fate.”

Ian Hunt